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35 years as a an award-winning magician

With NeuroLeadership Certifications

There is no one else quite like Alex Moffat in the world to help your people shift their thinking

An experienced Senior Leader

With 18 years of experience working in various Fortune 500 companies







Unlock the Brilliance Within

Unleash Whole Brain® Thinking & HBDI:

Experience a paradigm shift in performance optimisation with the transformative power of Whole Brain® Thinking and HBDI.

Led by the expertise of Alex, a certified practitioner in WBT & HBDI, this captivating keynote will empower individuals, teams, and organisations to elevate their thinking agility and achieve remarkable outcomes.


Why Choose Alex and Herrmann?

Decades of Research Excellence: Benefit from the culmination of over 30 years of meticulous research, drawing insights from a vast global database of more than 3 million individuals. The reliability and validity evidence behind Whole Brain® Thinking ensures you're accessing a proven methodology.

Unleash the Full Spectrum: Dive deep into the Whole Brain® Model, an illuminating framework that unveils four integrated brain systems. Discover your unique thinking preferences within each system, unlocking the capacity to harness their full potential.

Break the Mold: With Alex's expert guidance, you'll learn to make better decisions by tapping into your thinking preferences and leveraging the strengths of your team members. Embrace diversity of thought, transform complex problems into opportunities, and forge stronger relationships built on understanding.

Unlock New Horizons: Elevate your communication skills, change minds, and influence others through tailored messaging that resonates with diverse thinking styles. Whether you're seeking sales excellence, improved learning outcomes, or effective collaboration, Whole Brain® Thinking empowers you to thrive.

Engage and Inspire: Alex's dynamic delivery captivates audiences, intertwining expertise with a touch of magic. Prepare for an interactive experience that will leave your team energised, inspired, and equipped to think differently.

Book Alex now and embark on a journey of cognitive exploration and growth. Unlock the brilliance within your organisation, unravel the potential of Whole Brain® Thinking, and ignite a new era of performance excellence.

Contact Alex today and witness the extraordinary possibilities that await.


What to book?

Keynote or participant survey debrief session.

Start your Whole Brain® Thinking journey here

Start shifting mindsets here

Unlock. Reframe. Conquer.

Ignite Extraordinary Mindsets through Edutainment Magic.

Are you facing the relentless challenges of:

Navigating change?

Inspiring teams?

Driving transformational success?

In today's fast-paced world, staying ahead requires a fresh perspective and the ability to conquer obstacles with an adaptive & resilient mindset.

That's where Alex Moffat's "Unlock, Reframe, Conquer" keynote comes in.

Designed specifically for senior leaders, executives, and teams, this captivating presentation combines the power of cognitive illusions, neuroscience insights, and senior leadership expertise.

Alex understands the common themes that plague organisations like yours —resistance to change, communication breakdowns, and limited thinking — and Alex has the solutions to help you triumph.

Get ready to unlock the extraordinary, reframe limitations, and conquer challenges like never before.

Unleash Mindset Mastery: Prepare for an awe-inspiring keynote experience led by a senior leader, award-winning magician, and neuroscience expert. Witness the captivating power of cognitive illusions as we unlock the secrets to mastering mindsets in an unparalleled way.

Embrace the Magic of Change: Navigate the ever-changing landscape with confidence, guided by the expertise of a speaker who stands out from the crowd. Through captivating edutainment, discover the art of reframing perspectives and conquering limitations for extraordinary results.

Spark Curiosity, Leave a Lasting Impression: Engage your audience with the enchantment of cognitive illusions, led by a speaker who seamlessly combines cognitive illusion as a metaphor to convey the learnings. Create an unforgettable experience that captivates, educates, and inspires, etching a lasting impression on their minds.

Empower People, Ignite Teams: Equip your people with transformative mindset tools derived from neuroscience insights. Unleash the potential within your teams, fostering a culture of growth, innovation, and exceptional performance.

Amplify Engagement, Maximise Learning: Harness the power of edutainment magic to create an immersive and impactful experience. Through the fusion of Alex's unique intersections, your audience becomes active participants in their own transformational journey.

Unlock Limitless Possibilities: Break free from self-imposed limitations and embrace the extraordinary. Witness the awe-inspiring fusion of these three unique intersections, igniting a fire within to conquer challenges and achieve the perceived impossible.


Book Alex Moffat the senior leader, award-winning magician, and neuroscience nerd, as your keynote speaker to embark on an edutainment magic adventure that will unlock, reframe, and conquer mindsets.

Contact Alex Moffat now to infuse your event with the magic of transformative learning and inspiration.

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