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It's time to shift your thinking.


Through neuroscience, visual magic techniques and powerful metaphors.


Alex will change minds, develop insights and help you achieve what you ordinarily wouldn't be able to achieve by yourself.

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Boy did we hit the mark with Alex

"Truly memorable experiences"

"It really resonated with our people"

Shayne Elliott - CEO of ANZ Bank



Magic communicates creatively in a way that deeply connects with people.

Whilst also entertaining, magic helps bring clarity to the key messages through use of metaphors and audience interaction.

The visual aid of magic leads to high engagement levels which continue to spill into the organisation.

Effective communication relies on the information being well received and there's no better way of transferring information than use of engaging visuals.




The use of sensory visual images combined with relatable metaphors, along with the narrative, helps the audience to see, smell, taste and touch the key messages.

Magic also exploits people's prior experiences, assumptions and conceptions which we impose on what we see, causing us to experience senses of wonder, amazement and enjoyment.

These all lead to remembering the experience and the content for a very long time.




Neuroscience and magic go hand in hand.

Neuroscientists regularly study magic techniques to learn more about human behaviour.

Magic as a method for communicating concepts is different, original, and memorable and invites emotions.

Shifting people's thinking is at the heart of what I do and so an understanding of the mind combined with clever visual illusions will help develop insights, change minds and achieve goals.


I thought of Alex

"In Awe"

"I would highly recommend"

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Alysia Laird - Zebra Tailored Wealth


"It was spectacular and the way you linked the magic to the strategy and purpose was outstanding. I think it was a brilliant way to cement the themes in people’s minds”.


Shayne Elliott




"Alex possesses an extraordinary ability to engage and motivate teams. His unique use of magic to connect people to strategy embeds important themes and was a highlight of our team day".

Kenny Devasagayam

Head of Commercial, PEXA Insights


Studies have shown that people remember:

10% of what they hear.

20% of what they read.

80% of what they see.


That's why Alex utilises his visual magic skills to embed corporate messaging, and his own lessons on leadership, business and life itself.

People will remember the messages for years to come.


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A master of metaphor, Alex brings to life meaningful messages, using visual magic, with that element of surprise to transfer ideas and concepts into the minds of your people forever.

Alex offers a unique method for transferring ideas

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Alex will drive the energy in the room, activate their minds and leave them remembering take home actionable items.

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Corporate Communications

Alex solves the everyday problems in large Corporate Communications by planting your messages in the minds of your people.  

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Why Magic?

Master Facilitator

Alex is a highly engaging facilitator who will work with you to take your team to greater heights, with the key concepts subtly supported by entertaining magic.  


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