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From Magician to Speaker


An Englishman settled in Sydney, Alex is an Experienced Leader, a NeuroLeadership Institute Facilitator, and a Certified Brain-Based Coach, plus a Multi-Award-Winning Magician!

Alex has worked for various Fortune 500 companies in the UK and Australia. Alex understands your corporate needs and is experienced in leading high-performing teams through industry change and significant transformations.

A performing magician since the age of 16, Alex has won multiple awards, culminating in a prize at the IBM British Close-Up Magic Championships.  

Legend has it that 16 years ago, Alex's visa to Australia was confirmed immediately after he sent the executives of a large bank a 'hire me' video, which included a visual illusion to communicate why they should hire him. From that moment, Alex knew the power magic could have on communicating with and transforming people.

Now, Alex subtly weaves in magic illusions to help make his sessions engaging, interactive and highly memorable. The magic supports effectively and is not overstated.

Alex advanced to using storytelling in a business context, which supported by the illusions, ensures you leave with the key messages and concepts cemented.  

His ability to facilitate insight, unlock your mind and help you see things others don't is a productivity multiplier.

Over the years Alex has refined his magic style and presentation skills, and either speaks, facilitates, or performs to small groups or large audiences. He thrives on engaging people in a way they will never forget.

Alex holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Art which is where his creativity for communicating through illusion was born.  



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