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From Magician to Speaker


I've been captivated by magic since the age of 7.


My passion led me to become an award-winning magician in a British national competition.  


But it wasn't until I began my corporate journey that I discovered the true power of magic.  


As I stood in front of large groups, I realized that by incorporating magic into my presentations, I could communicate my message more effectively, break the ice and engage my audience on a deeper level.


Over time, I honed my skills and became a Senior Leader, weaving magic into my presentations, corporate communications and strategic messages.  


I gained multiple qualifications in brain-based coaching and learning, where I combine this neuroscience knowledge with my magic as a supporting vehicle to help people be inspired, educated and entertained.  


But it wasn't until I decided to share my insights and skills more widely that I truly found my calling.


I was soon asked to close a CEO Global Leadership Conference for a Fortune 500 company, using magic as a metaphor to help cement the company's purpose and strategy in the minds of 300 global leaders.


From that moment on, I've been known for bringing to life important messages and lessons on life, business, and leadership through the power of magic, and the support of neuroscience.




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